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Meeting of the Group Tourism Committee

05 de octubre del 2015

New Education and Culture Committee in the Group

25 de septiembre del 2015

Meeting for the constitution of the Heritage and City Committee in the World Heritage Cities of Spain Group

23 de septiembre del 2015

The Mayor of Úbeda awarded the prize for the contest My World Heritage City to the Ubeda citizen Carlos Latorre

31 de agosto del 2015

15 photographers, 15 unique cities, an exhibition in Baeza

01 de agosto del 2015

Tarragona, host to the first Assembly of Mayors of the Group, in the new term

15 de julio del 2015

The mayors of the Heritage Cities of Spain held an Assembly in Cáceres

06 de junio del 2015

Chefs from the 15 World Heritage Cities promote their skills in Madrid

02 de junio del 2015

Experts from the World Heritage Cities of Spain take part in a training day on Chinese Tourists

19 de mayo del 2015

Santiago hosts a technical seminar on environmental vector management in historical centres of the World Heritage Cities of Spain, bird control and refuse collection

06 de mayo del 2015

Services from the 15 World Heritage Cities of Spain take part in a course for the management of emergencies in historical heritage sites

30 de abril del 2015

The World Heritage Cities of Spain group present their White Book for the Management of Historical-Archaeological Heritage, in Tarragona

30 de marzo del 2015

In Alcalá, Queen Sofia presides over the opening concert of the II Chamber Music Series in the Heritage Cities

13 de marzo del 2015

Alcalá de Henares, venue for the Group Tourism Committee meeting

09 de marzo del 2015

On Monday 2nd of march the "Aula de patrimonio" (Heritage Class) school trips will begin

27 de febrero del 2015

The World Heritage Cities Group will organise a Seminar on Safety in Outdoor Events in Historic City Centres in Toledo

16 de febrero del 2015

Renewal of the collaboration agreement between Fundación Albéniz and the World Heritage Cities of Spain Group, and presentation of the 2nd series of concerts "Chamber music in the World Heritage Cities"

09 de febrero del 2015

El Alcalde de Córdoba, en representación de las 15 ciudades del Grupo, presenta la oferta cultural de la red ante prensa y turoperadores alemanes en el marco de la Feria Reisen de Hamburgo

04 de febrero del 2015

Meeting at FITUR of the Heritage Cities Mayors

29 de enero del 2015

Meeting of the heritage Commisssion of the Group at FEMP in Madrid

23 de enero del 2015
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