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Taking care of cultural, historic and natural heritage is a priority for any society and its conservation is essential. All the cities making up our Group are part of a cultural, historic and heritage mosaic in which common features appear naturally, but also each one’s important contrasts, either physical or intangible. This heritage that has lasted for centuries, that enables us to ascertain our history and that defines to a certain extent our present, should be looked after for future generations. It is up to us the value we give it and the effort we make in its conservation.

This vision, shared by each and every one of the cities making up the GCPHE, is what unites us and moves us to work day after day in maintaining and promoting certain ways of life that our historic city centres need, undertaking common projects and proposals, establishing policies for exchanging experiences and handling common problems.

In order to attain these objectives, we have established different working commissions, which enable us to take in-depth action in the following areas: City and Heritage, Education and Culture, and Representation, Promotion and Tourism.


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